Urban Gardening

You can grow almost anything you like to eat. From organic beds to indoor hydroponics. Here’s how.

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Cook it right!

Don’t know what to do with all that produce you grew or what came in your CSA basket? This is the spot for you!

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Beyond the Basics

Advanced cooking techniques. If you’re interested in making your own cheeses or sausages etc. then check this out!

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Passion for food

From growing our own food using the latest hydroponic techniques and more, to simple indoor grow systems, you can do it! Growing your own food not for you? We’ll get you in touch with your local CSA farmers so you can pick up a basket of fresh veggies weekly! And then, how to cook it and sharing it with others. That’s what we’re about. It’s healthier, but certainly not the easy route. No FAST food here.

Owner/Chef Weezie from Weezie’s Kitchen, LLC is on hand to show you quick and simple methods of preparing and cooking for your family.

We’ve also got some great techniques for making cheeses, sausages and more! Check it out under our “advanced” tab. We’ve won awards for pairing cheese with jam and charcuterie platters!

Goat Cheese with Red Onion Marmalade

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