Organic Garden Beds

If you have a yard and you are willing to allocate 1-3 6’x4′ areas for gardening, this is for you.

Vertical Gardening  

If you have a small yard or limited space, you can grow a LOT of food in a very small area. With grow lights you can also use this model inside as well as outside.

Other growing systems

If the other growing systems arent what you need, here are some alternatives as well as finding your local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.

Local Gardening Centers

There are several places in the South Florida area that can teach you how to grow your garden every step of the way! We will have a list soon.

We all need the Bees to help out too!

We have LOTS of beekeepers in South Florida. Local honey is good to eat everyday to avoid common allergies. Please support them.


Fresh local EGGS and REAL milk!


Is there ANYTHING better? I think NOT! Here’s our favorite places to get them:


Marando Farms

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